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Blocked Drains, Pipes and Toilets

Do you have sewerage spilling into your backyard? Are you unable to flush your toilet ?
Is your shower not draining ?
Are your sinks starting to drain slower than usual ?
Whatever your blocked drain issues are, we at Prowater Plumbing have all the equipment necessary to deal with any blockage.

We are one of Melbourne’s leading experts at clearing blocked drains and perform CCTV inspections of any blocked drains. No mess, no fuss, and affordable, fair rates – just quick, clean and affordable drainage solutions.

Call us today to get our expert and friendly assistance for all blockage issues…

Pipes and Leaks

A leaky pipe can bring major stress, especially if it results in water damage to other parts of your home. Emergencies of this nature require an immediate and effective response by Prowater Plumbing.

Prowater offer 24/7 emergency service as we understand that serious urgent plumbing issues are not planned and need corrective action immediately.

Call us today to get our expert and friendly assistance for all plumbing issues… 

  • Unblock sewer or storm water system
  • CCTV video inspections
  • Burst pipes behind your walls or ceilings
  • Blocked or slow shower or sink drains
  • Leaking water supply pipes
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