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Gas Appliance Services Melbourne



A gas leak is DANGEROUS and needs to be addressed immediately as in some cases it can be fatal. Prowater Plumbing offers licensed plumbers who are able to advise you with the correct steps to take in an emergency situation 24/7.

All states and territories in Australia require the use of a licensed gas fitter for all gas related work, including both LPG and natural gas. Your manufacturer’s warranty and insurance cover for your appliances may also be void if gas work is performed by an unlicensed person.

Gas Fitters vs Plumbers

Many gas fitters are also plumbers but not all plumbers are gas fitters. If you require work to be done on a gas hot water system, you can trust it to us Prowater Plumbing, we are licensed for both the gas fitting and plumbing trades. 

Not all gas fitters are experienced at installing all types of gas appliances, so you should not hesitate to ask.

Prowater Plumbing also provides gas appliance installations with minimum fuss and disruption to services. Gas connections, bayonet points and heaters are installed and tested to meet manufacturer’s guidelines and standards.

Our expertise allows us to make repairs to all gas services or appliances to rectify any gas problems or leaks.

Call us today to get our expert and friendly assistance for all gas fitting needs…

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