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Evaporative Cooling
Service & Mainentance

Maintenance Packages Mitcham

The optimal time to start maintaining your evaporative cooler in Mitcham, is just before summer commences, this ensures that your cooler is ready for the summer heat.

The last thing you want is your evaporative cooler to fail to work during summer. Maintaining your evaporative cooler is like servicing your car… although you don’t use your cooler every day all year round, it is imperative to have a maintenance plan.

Unfortunately, your evaporative cooler collects dust and pollen, which in turn can clog the unit and block the filter pads. This then causes issues with your cooler working optimally.

Our Packages Include…

  • Check flashings around unit to make sure they are watertight.
  • Look for any potential water leaks from internal and external parts of unit.
  • Make sure the drain is not blocked.
  • Remove the panels from the unit checking for any damage to the filter.
  • Check water distribution hoses and channels.
  • Check filters for wear and sagging aspen pads or cracked Celdek.
  • Check the water level and that the water supply is on and working correctly.
  • Check operation of water valve and/or solenoid.
  • Check pump operation is normal.
  • Check motor and run it through from high to low speed.
  • Check controller operation and cable connections.
  • Re-fit all panels and secure them to the unit, run cooler through water cycle.
  • Record type, brand, age, colour and size of cooler for future reference if parts are required into the future.
  • Inside house check controller.
  • Advise on any parts require to have cooler work optimally.
  • Drain any water sitting inside of tray.
  • Clean the water tank and check operation of the drain valve.
  • Clean inside the cabinet removing any cobwebs, dust, pollen and dirt.
  • Fill the tank and wash the cabinet thoroughly.
  • Run the unit through a cycle to make sure it is operating as designed.
  • Set the correct water level inside the unit Make sure unit is leak free while cycle is running.
  • Re-instate panel on side of unit. Run the appliance and check is operating correctly.